We believe that what we have is exciting and with chances for opportunity that promote growth personally and through the church. 


Alliance Guidelines

Membership:  Candidates agree to

  1. No discrimination to denomination race or differences of cultural worship.

  2. The general principle of preaching Jesus and him crucified.

  3. Focusing on fellowship and not insistance on local church beliefs

  4. To discover the value of every ministry

  5. To understand and respect the differences between the absolutes and preferences of the fellowship

  6. To be considerate in church planning when requesting  other churches to participate as not to take away from time to build local church ministry.

Meetings (Guidelines) ( pastors will meet 2 weeks before bi-monthly service )


Officiant is responsible for or should appoint someone for

  1. Prayer

  2. Scripture

  3. Minutes last meeting

  4. Stress goals of the meeting

  5. Discuss efforts of the churches to act on things decided on in those meetings.

  6. Introduce new business (such as modifications to fellowship services, business protocol adjustments, overhauls, elections, etc.)

  7. Approval of new business by consensus (whats necessary, or what should be tabled for later, etc,)

  8. Financial report

  9. Discuss if goals of the meeting have been reached, if not follow up and finalize

  10. Set next meeting

  11. Close with prayer

Guidelines or Suggestions for Fellowship Services (not necessarily in this order)

  1. The pastor of hosting church is responsible for program

  2. Praise & Worship, prayer, scripture

  3. Selection by combined choir (all churches)

  4. Representation from youth

  5. Meet and greet

  6. Reports from individual churches, testimonies, etc.

  7. The word of God

  8. Individual promotion (Churches are responsible for announcing or having their own flyers or advertisements for their upcoming events

  9. Benediction.

  10. Come as you are


Salary & Love Offerings

  1. Love offerings for speakers or musicians at bi-monthly services is determined by host church.

  2. Convocations the love offerings and other expenses
    (such as hotel room rental, etc.) shall be handled by those appointed to finance from each church.


1.Prayer will precede all Alliance services 30 minutes before by pastors and all members that desire to see a great move of God.

2. Communion at convocation

3. Yearly membership meeting on saturday morning of the convention to discuss all participation and changes during the year and vision for following year. All members of all churches are requested to be present. Individuals from all churches will have opportunity to give suggestions for the betterment of the organization possibly changing the future, and representing there value in The Alliance: this gives membership a chance to participate along with pastors which is not the case during the pastoral meetings that take place during the year.


Promotional Preparation

Radio Station, Craigslist, Alliance Website, Facebook, Letters,Emails,Creative Loafing,business cards,flyers (brochures)


Quarterly on 4th Sundays at 4:00 p.m.


Beginning on 4th Sunday of March every year:

June, September, culminating with the Alliance Convention on the last weekend in October.

Events / News

Our Motto...

" Breaking bread from  house to house. "



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